Payment and Service Options
Every option to fit your needs and budget

Even Pay Program

By participating in our Even Payment Plan, you can avoid high winter bills and scheduling problems.   Our Plan year runs from June 30th through April 30th, and is designed to take the WORRY OUT OF WINTER!  We take your estimated propane usage for the whole year and spread it evenly over the next 11 months to arrive at your monthly payments.   All you have to do is make the monthly payment and we will take care of scheduling deliveries for you automatically.  No surprises from big bills and no worries about running out of propane.   The price you pay is locked in for the entire heating season.   Our Comfort Pro Specialists will watch your tank and make deliveries automatically.



Summer Fill Program

The propane market in the spring and summer months is typically at its lowest.  We try to get a jump on winter and have your tank full.  Your payment for Summer Fill is also deferred till October.  If you are on Even Pay as well, your Summer Fill will transfer into that program.



Scheduled Delivery
If our 30 day credit terms are the fit for your budget, Scheduled Delivery will take the worry out of running out.  Our Comfort Pro sales team will make sure you do not run out.


24 Hour Emergency Service

Our customer's safety is priority one for Southern FS.  We have a staff of certified propane service technicians available 24 hours. If you think you have a leak or can smell gas, call 1-800-492-7684.



Can I pay online?
Yes, at the top of this page click on "View my Account" for secure online payment.