Get the Pond You've Always Wanted

Southern FS is your Local Pond Pro Series retailer. We can help recommend safe products to help address several issues. As growth in your pond dies off and starts to decompose it utilizes oxygen to break these down. So when cleaning up a really weedy pond it is important to treat areas at different times so you don’t rob too much oxygen from your fish. Hot periods without rain also are points when ponds have the least oxygen, that is why rain and aeration of some type help refresh a pond and add oxygen back to the pond.

These are some important things from February thru November. Color is an important thing since it affects how deep the UV rays penetrate; so color can help keep the temperature cooler as well as slow, minimize and control the weed and algae growth.  If you ever swam in a pond treated properly with colorant you will notice the really cool water once you get 2-3 ft below the surface keeping the bottom cool. Muck, sludge and organic material naturally accumulate over time on the bottom of ponds. Using an EPA registered and approved Natural Pond Cleaner is the best way to manage the breakdown of these to ensure a healthy long term pond. Typically it is best to do this early in the Spring or later in the Fall as the temperatures are cooler then and more oxygen is present.

April thru September tend to be times of algae, weeds or cattails growing in your pond. Remember though that how thick weeds are, how hot and dry it has been, and whether you aerate or not all should be considered for timing of control. It is not just as simple as doing it the same month every year. Since Mother Nature seems to always be changing things up. Weeds can also become resistant to Copper Sulfate, a very popular product, that is why Southern FS also offers a product that can help address that.

Southern FS carries a full line of approved products labeled and registered to help manage these issues. Once you get your pond clean and know how to manage it, the care becomes easier. 


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