Creep Feeding: Feeding for maximum growth of bone and muscle without laying down fat.
Every cow/calf producer aims to get a healthy calf crop – born easily and in a concise period of time – that will nurse and graze through the pasture season and reach a heavy, uniform body weight at weaning time. No simple strategy – no matter how good the management!
Creep feeding is one management tool that can help calves grow more muscle and bone (not fat), contributing to higher weaning weights. Producers who want to give their calves this extra boost simply provide extra feed that helps calves grow. Older calves or cows don’t need the extra nutrition, so keep them from eating the creep feeding ration by using special feed units or buildings that only the young calves can access.
Creep feeding has been proven effective in protecting and increasing weaning weights in calves born to younger mothers, very old mothers, or when pasture conditions become poor and variable, as is common later in the summer. For very early calving herds, or in years when optimal pasture nutritional levels are delayed, early creep feeding should also be considered.
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