Lubricants and the Know-How you need to Go Further
​It takes a lot of different greases and lubricants to keep today's equipment up and running.  The key to doing it efficiently and cost-effectively is matching the best products for the equipment and the application.  That's why our FS Energy Specialists conduct an on-site assessment to make sure you get just the right products to deliver optimum performance and efficiency of your tractors, trucks, and other equipment.

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Engine Oil- Suprex Gold, Southern FS Advanced, API CJ-4

Spectra Lube greases- for all types of application 

Gear Lube- GL-5 80W-90, 85W-140, Synthetic GL-5 75W-90, GL-1 Mineral Gear oil 

Trans Lubricant- Power Fluid, HTB/C-4 fluid, ATF, Synthetic 50, Heavy Duty TO-4

Hydraulic Fluids- HD Hydraulic Oil 32, 46; Industrial Oil 32, 46, 68

Specialty Lubricants- Industrial, Railroad, Two-cycle, Open Gear compound, Wire Rope/Cable and Chain, Chain & Bar oil, Concrete form oil, Rock drill oil


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Oil Analysis- Get the most out of your maintenance program. Our testing facility has an experienced laboratory staff to give you timely, useful and accurate results.

Storage Solutions- Totes, bulk storage and the dispensing equipment for your oil, lubricants, DEF and other fluids

Bulk Lubricants- Convenient and cost-effective

Tech Support and Cross Reference- We are backed by a network of specialists from Growmark's state of the art Lubricant facility in Council Bluffs, IA. Since we manufacture our lubricant products, we can be sure they consistently meet our high quality standards.

Antifreeze quality testing


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​We also offer carry antifreeze and Fleetgaurd filters!

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​Call Lubricant Specialist Mark Edwards to see how we can help your operation @ 618-889-1554