About Data Collection

Why is Southern FS Committed to Data Collection?

Below is a list of Southern FS precision farming products and services. Click one of the links to learn more.



Soil Sampling and VRT Fertilizer

Fertilizer is an expensive product to apply in areas where it will be under or over utilized. Putting fertilizer in the right place can improve yields and your bottom line. Contact us to learn more about how we grid sample your fields and create variable rate application maps to maximize your returns.​


Data Management Services

With new technology comes the ability to collect more in-field data. Southern FS can help you collect data including coverage and as-applied maps, VR Application maps, yield data, and more. Contact us today to see how we can help.

agLeaderTech_jpg.jpg ​

​Ag Leader Technology

Southern FS is a full-line Ag Leader dealer that offers sales, installation, and support of their products. Whether you're just breaking into the GPS arena, or are currently using GPS / precision products, Ag Leader has a lot to offer. Ag Leader systems can be used in operations ranging from tillage and planting to application and harvest.


Outback Guidance Products

Outback Guidance has a proven track record of keeping you on the mark with guidance and auto-steer. These cost-effective auto steer kits are easy to install, and user-friendly to operate. Click the icon to the left to learn more about Outback's product line.



MyWay RTK Network

Did you know that you already have RTK coverage in your area? Southern FS has operational RTK bases that cover our entire trade area. Now you can utilize sub-inch GPS corrections without installing and maintaining your own base network. MyWay RTK is designed to work with YOUR equipment, and can integrate with most OEM GPS companies including John Deere, Trimble, Topcon, Ag Leader, and more. Click the link to the left to learn more about MyWay RTK.