Seedsmanship- Soybean Stand

Measuring Uniform stand in soybeans

Southern FS Agronomy
Southern FS is the agronomic leader in Southern Illinois. Our experienced, knowledgeable team of Crop Specialists and Precision Farming Coordinators bring the best advice, information and guidance to our growers. We provide unsurpassed local research with, on average, over 2,000 weighs each fall. In addition to the numerous test plots and side by sides we have all over the southern counties, we also have a 32 acre technology plot. All of this information is evaluated and analyzed so that we can make the best recommendations for your farm, improving your profitability.



Our Team

Monty Webb- Agronomist

Aaron Henry- Williamson Co Crop Specialist

Eric Green- Crop Specialist

Josh Valier- Perry County Crop Specialist

Jared Bergmann- Saline County Crop Specialist

Matt Needling- Union County Crop Specialist

Mike Kerley- Johnson County Crop Specialist

Shawn Yadloski- Crop Specialist

Steve Foss- Massac/Pope/Hardin County Crop Specialist

Tony Boyle- Jackson County Crop Specialist

Bobby Hoffmann- Cape Girardeau County Crop Specialist

Chad Woeltz- Western Kentucky Crop Specialist

Joel McIntyre- Precision Ag 

Jeremy Harris- Precision Ag

- Saline Co Crop Specialist- Saline Co Crop Specialist

John Fosse- Macedonia Crop Specialist

Jordan Padgett- Jackson Co Crop Specialist

Ben Harris- Perry Co Crop Specialist


 Content Editor

FS Green Plan Solutions is an integrated, solutions-based approach designed to help producers enhance farm profitability by providing complete agronomic recommendations from a trusted team of FS specialists. FS Green Plan Solutions allows the FS Agronomy team to focus on the needs of farm operations by providing full-season support for Fertilizer, Seed and Crop Protection.