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With over 2,000 weighs each fall, we KNOW WHAT SEED WORKS FOR YOUR FIELDS.  We have multiple plots and side-by-sides in each county every year.

We don't recommend a hybrid until we've researched it, and that's the bottom line.







   Our three brand line-up gives our customers the best hybrids, the newest technology, and unbeatable performance.


Untreated VS. CrusierMaxx Treated beans

Seed Treatment
Getting soybeans off to a great start! Seed treatment can help protect seed and seedlings from pests resulting in more uniform plant stands, better yield potential, and increasing your return on the investment. We have two stationary seed treaters at Mulkeytown and Eldorado, in addition to the mobile seed treater that comes to your farm!
Seed Treater at Mulkeytown, IL


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Cover Crops

Cover crops offer many advantages.

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Looking for pasture seed? Find it on the Pasture Management page!

We also carry a variety of other seeds such as sunflower and sweet corn! Contact your nearest location for availability.